The fabric that fights with every fiber.

Bleach Safe Fabric Technology

Prime Medical is the exclusive manufacturer of Bleach Safe Privacy Curtains and Bleach Safe Scrubs & Lab Coats. The products are designed with a next-gen antimicrobial fabric technology that keeps colors safe.


with Bleach Safe fabric technology


with Bleach Safe fabric technology


with Bleach Safe fabric technology


with Bleach Safe fabric technology

Bleach-Friendly Fabric


Color Consistency

Industrial Laundry Durable

Odor Control

Bleach-friendly and powerfully fade-resistant, Privacy Curtains and Scrubs & Lab Coats manufactured exclusively by PRIME MEDICAL offer a new way to fight pathogens with every fiber. To learn more or to order, contact or call 727-999-2070.


"We have purchased ladies scrub tops and pants on several occasions and have never been disappointed.  The scrubs hold up very well with no bleach spots or discoloration with washing after washing.  They are comfortable and stylish.  We would recommend them for any health care clinic to help prevent transmission of infections whether in human medicine or veterinary medicine."

-Timothy E. Knight, M.D., D.V.M.

"I have worn a Prime Medical surgical mask on a daily basis since March 2020. It is my belief that the patented bleach infused fabric of the mask has contributed to my my good health. Previous to it's use, I would suffer from one to two upper or lower respiratory tract infections per year. The mask is reusable and is reactivated with the use of chlorine bleach in the wash. The fabric is light and does not impede normal airflow.I highly recommend this product!"

-GL Bondar,DO, MPH

Purchasing Affliations

Members of the following organizations can take advantage of preferred pricing for Bleach Safe Scrubs, Lab Coats and Privacy Curtains manufactured exclusively by PRIME MEDICAL. For more information, contact or call 727-999-2070.


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