Concerns of Healthcare Worker Safety amid COVID-19 epidemic

Healthcare workers safety… who will care for our family members and friends if they become infected?

As the current healthcare concerns continue, we need to protect our healthcare workers because they are the ones we depend on to take care of us. Prime Medical’s Bleach Safe Scrubs and Lab Coats with Chlorine-Shield® antimicrobial technology designed to fight pathogens with every fiber become another tool in the fight to keep healthcare workers protected.

Discover the innovative healthcare apparel that’s Protected by the Power of Bleach®. 

Bleach Safe Scrubs and Lab Coats by Prime Medical, is an exclusive line of antimicrobial health care apparel that is protected by the power of bleach. With each laundering in bleach, the patented fabric technology attaches a lasting shield of chlorine molecules to defend against harmful bacteria and viruses. Designed for health care professionals who require high-performance workwear, Bleach Safe Scrubs with Chlorine-Shield technology are comfortable, durable and powerfully fade-resistant to stand up to repeated launderings with regular bleach. Available in royal, navy, charcoal and black in men’s and women’s styles, Bleach Safe Scrubs are the new way for health care professionals to fight pathogens with every fiber.