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I N D U S T R  I E S

Environmental Services

We understand what an important job it is to maintain a clean and safe health care environment. In today’s world of multi-drug resistant organisms and the risk of HAIs, you’re on the front line of protecting patients, staff and visitors from invisible but very real threats.

That’s why we’ve designed products that can help Environmental Service teams not only work more efficiently, but also help them maintain a professional appearance while they’re fighting pathogens with every fiber.

Clorox Healthcare™ Privacy Curtains

Changing privacy curtains on a regular schedule can be a time-consuming chore, labor intensive and full of risk when you consider employees up on ladders to remove and replace bulky, heavy and often, highly contaminated curtains.

With Clorox Healthcare™ Privacy Curtains, we’ve eliminated those factors so ES teams can work quickly to provide patients with sanitized, antimicrobial curtains that can be removed and replaced without a ladder in less than a minute. And they are the only privacy curtains on the market that are designed to be laundered with EPA-registered bleach, one of the most effective sanitizers and disinfectants available for healthcare textiles, especially those that have been exposed to c. Difficile. 

If you’re ready to make a change to curtains that offer more than just ‘privacy,’ it’s time to consider Clorox Healthcare™ Privacy Curtains with Chlorine-Shield® protection.

See how easy it is to use Clorox Healthcare Privacy Curtains.

For more information about Clorox Healthcare™ Privacy Curtains, contact Sales@PrimeMedical.com or call 727-999-2070.


CloroxPro™ EVS uniforms

It’s a fact. Cleaning and disinfecting with bleach-based products is great for killing germs in the health care environment, but it can quickly ruin your team’s uniforms. It’s an expensive problem and impacts your team’s professional appearance. Fortunately, there’s a now solution to the problem.

CloroxPro™ Scrubs are designed with a patented antimicrobial treatment that’s designed to work with bleach without compromising the fabric’s color. With each laundering in EPA-registered bleach, CloroxPro Scrubs bind a shield of chlorine molecules to actively defend the fabric against bacteria, viruses and even odors, while maintaining the color.

Many EVS directors have also discovered that CloroxPro Scrubs resist discoloration from incidental contact with some bleach-based cleaners, allowing their teams to always look professional on the job. Click here to read how Pennsylvania Hospital’s EVS team has reduced their uniform needs from 12-13 sets to 6-8 sets per year after switching to these Bleach-Friendly uniforms

Available in Black, Charcoal, Navy and Royal Blue in Men’s/Unisex and Women’s styles in regular and tall, CloroxPro Scrubs are the uniform of choice for professionals who protect the healthcare environment with the power of bleach.

Contact us today to request a custom quote for your team.

Safe for Skin

The fabric technology has been rigorously tested and passes ISO skin irritation and skin sensitivity tests. (BioSmart technology has not been tested for allergens. If an allergic reaction is suspected, the individual should discontinue use.)

No Bleach Odor

The ingenious BioSmart technology binds chlorine to fabrics without retaining a bleach odor. After laundering with bleach per instructions, the fabric is sanitized and shielded for a lasting defense and a confident clean.