Clorox Healthcare™  Privacy Curtains
Protected by the Power of Bleach® 

Clorox Healthcare™ Privacy Curtains

  • The only privacy curtains that can be laundered with Chlorine Bleach
  • Antimicrobial Chlorine-Shield® recharges with every wash*
  • 72” x 64” privacy panels + mesh segments overlap to accommodate any space
  • Mesh available in three sizes to fit 8’, 9’ and 10’ ceilings
  • Privacy Panel Content: 100% Polyester with BioSmart® (5 oz./sq. yd.)
  • Mesh Content: 100% Nylon with ½” opening
  • Polyester Trim & Snap Tape
  • Meets NFPA 701 standards
  • Panels available in Cool Blue, Sage Green and Champagne
  • Mesh available in white

*When laundered according to care instructions with an EPA-registered bleach.

Clorox Healthcare™ Privacy Curtains offer far more than just privacy. The Chlorine-Shield® privacy panels are designed to not only resist colonization, they can be removed and replaced in less than a minute – without a ladder.

Every patient deserves more than just privacy during a hospital stay – and it starts with fresh privacy curtains that are Protected by the Power of Bleach®.

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Clorox Healthcare Privacy Curtains are designed to be changed in only 40 seconds. Please view our video for more information.

With three (3) different mesh sizes, Clorox Healthcare Privacy Curtains from
Prime Medical are made to fit any room configuration and ceiling height.