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I N D U S T R  I E S


Like you, we’re big animal lovers. And we know that it’s a hard job to doctor those who can’t say what they’re feeling or where they’re hurt.

Everyone loves pets. But bacteria and viruses? They should keep to themselves.  That’s why CloroxPro™ Scrubs & Lab Coats are perfect for veterinarian practices. With a rechargeable antimicrobial shield and ability to be laundered with bleach (and still keep their color!), CloroxPro™ Scrubs & Lab Coats can help lighten the load of running a busy office.

From giving you extra peace of mind when it comes to pathogens and associated infections to easy laundering, CloroxPro™ Scrubs & Lab Coats, give every vet—and every pet—exactly what they deserve: the very best.

Curious about how our apparel works? Here are the details.
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Protected by the power of bleach™  |  Odor-free and safe for skin  |  Resists discoloration from bleach-based products

Safe for Skin

The fabric technology has been rigorously tested and passes ISO skin irritation and skin sensitivity tests. (BioSmart technology has not been tested for allergens. If an allergic reaction is suspected, the individual should discontinue use.)

No Bleach Odor

The ingenious BioSmart technology binds chlorine to fabrics without retaining a bleach odor. After laundering with bleach per instructions, the fabric is sanitized and shielded for a lasting defense and a confident clean.