To say that healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are bad news is an understatement. They cost millions of dollars, cause pain and suffering to patients and take a toll on healthcare delivery. HAIs can be preventable by disinfecting hard surfaces and instruments. However, they can be tough to fight. They are so tough to fight that in an unusual move, a group of Rochester, NY healthcare facilities – that usually compete for business – came together to fight C. difficile (C. diff) in their facilities.

According to this news story, they recognized that the infection was traveling from one facility to another. They realized that they could be more effective in fighting the infection by working together. Kudos to the hospitals for recognizing that there was a pattern, and through unified best practices they reduced the reoccurrence of C. diff.

We couldn’t help but notice in the article that while hard surfaces were addressed in their process, soft surfaces were not mentioned as a component. Bacteria, viruses and fungi often thrive on soft surfaces for extended periods of time, just as they do on hard surfaces. 

It would be beneficial for healthcare facilities to take a closer look at their soft surfaces: privacy curtains, bed sheets, scrubs, lab coats, and patient gowns that serve as possible carriers of infection. That’s why we developed our bactericidal products to kill bacteria to protect patients and staff. 

HAIs are dangerous, painful, and costly, and healthcare facilities need more weapons in their best practices arsenal to develop a healthier hospital. SAF-T products are the revolutionary soft surfaces solution that provides superior protection using a patented sophisticated science technology to simply kill bacteria.