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Local Physicians and Nurses are Fighting Infection in a Whole New Way!

Prime Medical lab coats


Prime Medical lab coats

Ninfa shows how Sun Country Cleaners keeps healthcare providers looking sharp and germ-free with a perfectly pressed and recharged SAF-T lab coat.

Thirty local physicians and nurses are now fighting germs in the most revolutionary way, simply by wearing bactericidal lab coats.

SAF-T™ lab coats are made with a patented fabric technology that binds chlorine molecules to the fabric. Each time SAF-T lab coats are laundered according to care instructions using bleach in the wash cycle, the lab coats retain chlorine molecules for up to 90 days to provide germ-killing effectiveness against Staph, Salmonella, E. Coli, Pneumonia, Hepatitis A and other harmful organisms*.

Studies have long shown that traditional lab coats are frequently contaminated with a multitude of bacteria and viruses. Until now, it’s been an unavoidable consequence for healthcare professionals who are in constant contact with sick patients each day. Bacteria easily survive and colonize on standard fabrics used in healthcare apparel, but not on SAF-T products which kill 99.9% of bacteria on contact – and the protection is completely recharged with every wash*.

The first activation of the lab coats was performed by Sun Country Cleaners, headquartered in Largo, FL. Sun Country Cleaners is a certified laundry service for all SAF-T products and is proud to play a vital role in the laundering of SAF-T lab coats so they are fully-charged with germ-killing effectiveness to protect healthcare providers and patients.

Prime Medical lab coats

Pictured left, Steve Murphy, Regional VP of Sales – Prime Medical, takes Inventory of the activated SAF-T lab coats with Dan Madine, COO – Sun Country Cleaners.

Dan Madine, COO of Sun Country Cleaners, has been in the commercial laundry and uniform industry for years and was excited to learn about the simple effectiveness the fabric technology used in SAF-T products. Dan explains, “SAF-T lab coats and the complete line of healthcare apparel, linens and curtains, represent the next generation of fabric technology that provides another layer of defense against infection in healthcare. We’re proud to play a role in keeping SAF-T products activated with each wash to protect the well-being of healthcare professionals and patients.”

To learn more about SAF-T products, visit To find a Sun Country Cleaners location near you, click here.

*SAF-T products are activated to kill 99.9% of germs for up to 90 days when laundered according to care instructions using EPA-registered regular chlorine bleach. The fabric is tested to provide full-bactericidal killing power through 75 industrial washes with no loss of effectiveness.